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Resources for building your brand as a journalist

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When I speak with journalism students about their personal brands, I always stress they shouldn’t wait until they’re graduated to establish their online presences. Everything they need to share their bodies of work and begin distinguishing themselves within the profession is right at their fingertips. Seriously, it’s all there.

So where should they begin?

I’ve created a blog resources page that lists the links I provide students to get them started. It reflects my approach to personal branding for journalists:

  • Know yourself.
  • Know your goals and values.
  • Know how, where and to whom to communicate those qualities effectively.

Understanding your personality, skills, talents and life experiences allows you to make smart choices about where you fit in the newsroom.  If you can articulate your career goals and value system, you can target employers and opportunities to reflect them. Ultimately, the self-awareness you gain from defining your brand as a journalist will make it easier to authentically engage your audience, connect with colleagues and build trust with the public.



Written by Jennifer Gaie Hellum

October 11, 2013 at 3:08 am

Journalism Students' Summer To-Do List

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Just found this great checklist on the 10,000 Words blog with 3o things journalism grads should do during their summer off. It’s from last year but no less timely, and I’d argue that the list of tasks and challenges is a good exercise for any journalist interested in creating a personal brand. It includes measurable goals for using social media as well as developing multimedia skills and learning new software. The list reads like a crash-course version of the syllabus from our multimedia journalism bootcamp at Cronkite.

Start with one task and see where it takes you!

Written by Jennifer Gaie Hellum

April 29, 2010 at 4:38 am