EVs For Sale Near Me

evs for sale near me

evs for sale near me

For Stamford drivers BMW i4 battery size to play their part in a greener future, an electric vehicle is the way to go. These eco-friendly vehicles rely on lithium-ion battery packs to power electric motors for propulsion, and they produce zero tailpipe emissions. They also offer a smooth, quiet ride and instant torque, and they can be as fun to drive as any gas-powered vehicle on the road. Additionally, they typically feature simpler maintenance due to fewer moving parts than an internal combustion engine.

Tesla Glenwood: Your Guide to Electric Vehicles

Most EVs on our lot come with eight-year or 100,000-mile battery warranties, so you can rest assured knowing that your new purchase will be covered in the event of a problem. Additionally, they can be recharged using home charging stations (usually a J1172 connector or CHAdeMO) and public chargers like those found at large shopping areas, airports, and some office buildings.

And since EVs use electricity rather than gasoline, they’re far cheaper to operate than traditional cars when it comes to fuel costs. So if you’re ready to make the switch, come see us at Kendall, and we can help you find an electric car for sale that fits your needs. Our finance department will be happy to explore your options for a low-interest loan or lease as well, so you can take home the perfect used electric car for your lifestyle!