Factory Floors and the IIoT

The phrase factory floor has long conjured images of grit and grime, where skilled workers assemble and craft, making schematics come to life. Today, the industrial heritage of factory floors has given way to a more sophisticated, highly automated work environment with advanced tools that can elevate quality, consistency and safety.

The foundational technology reshaping this radically altered professional landscape is sometimes described as the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, but it’s much more than that. It’s a powerful new class of automation, AI and edge computing that will enable new operational models and even new business models.

Exploring Options: Flooring Solutions for Your Factory

Choosing the right flooring for your factory or warehouse is a vital decision that affects both functionality and appearance. You need a floor that is durable, slip-proof and will withstand heavy-duty applications that would damage other types of flooring. Moreover, the floor must be able to withstand heat and chemical exposure.

A good choice for a floor in a heavy use factory environment is an interlocking PVC industrial flooring solution. These are easy to install and provide a tough and flexible flooring option that is insulating and will not trap moisture. They also offer a good degree of fire resistance and will not be damaged by chemicals.

Factory finished hardwood is a classic that is durable and a welcome addition to a traditional home decor. However, the process of on site finishing is disruptive to the household and leaves furniture vulnerable for a day or more.