Mikuni Jet Kit Reviews

mikuni jet kit

A mikuni jet kit is something most two-strokers end up purchasing at some point. These kits come with a complete range of main and pilot jets along with some special needles. JD Jetting kits are a popular choice as they provide a full range of jetting in a box and they are bike, year and altitude specific. Their needles feature a multi-taper design that they claim improves throttle response. The kits are priced in the $85 range and can save a rider a lot of time and money that would be spent on experimenting with various combinations of jets, needles and needle positions.

All Balls Racing Carburetor Rebuild Kit

The All Balls Racing carb rebuild kit contains all the necessary parts to properly tune your Mikuni VM carburetor. It includes a variety of main and pilot jets plus an accelerator pump jet. The kit also features a float needle and an adjustable float pin. The kit uses NBR rubber material on all O-rings and rubber gaskets; this material offers excellent resistance to today’s fuels.

Moose Racing Power Jet Kit

The Moose Racing power jet kit is an easy way to improve your motorcycle’s midrange and top-end performance. It reduces your main jet size by 25% and helps prevent leaning out during extended full-throttle runs. Power jets work with all VM and TM carburetors and can be installed easily.